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Willemstan Flag

Featured Article

This article was last updated on: May 6th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

The three original and official Willemstan Flags on Sean's bed, 11/03/20.

"This is costing a shitload of money because I waited too long. I'm $240 in, but Sean is paying $90."

- Charlie Nolan regarding the cost of the flags, 10/29/20.

"Yeah, if you pay me $50."

- Cody Reeve's response to Charlie when he asked to place a Willemstan Flag in the robotics room, 02/10/21.

"Yeah but it has no use at my house and more Willemstan flags on display makes for a better world."

- Charlie Nolan on his decision to sell a Willemstan Flag to Andrew Meyer for a cheap price, 05/06/21.


The first quality and excellent Willemstan Flags were produced in late October of 2020 and arrived on November 3rd of 2020. There are currently 3 official Willemstan Flags in circulation, as they were all ordered at the same time. Each Willemstan Flag is three by five feet in size, and was ordered off a website. The three flags cost around $240 dollars total, and were sent to a shipping address under the name of "Alexander Sile". Despite this enormous cost, the flags were not funded by Tax Collection. Instead, the cost was split between Charlie Nolan and Sean Kavanagh, the later paid for one of the flags.

The concept of ordering the professional manufacturing of a Willemstan Flag dates back to September 29th of 2020, in which Ian jokingly proposed crowd-funding a flag to hang on the Williamston High School flagpole. The price was $70 on the website he looked at, which meant it was easily affordable if every active member of Willemstan chipped in $5. The idea resurfaced on October 24th of 2020, in which Charlie decided that he would be raising the Willemstan Flag on the WHS flagpole as a Halloween prank. He asked for donations in the Willemstan Discord Server, and estimated the total cost of the flag to be $40. However, after waiting too long, the cost of shipping the flag on time increased to $70. Charlie decided to purchase two flags, in-case the one hanged at the school were to be confiscated. Sean also wanted a flag of his own, bringing the total order to 3 flags. With no donations, the cost of this order spiraled upwards to around $240. Sadly, the flags didn't even arrive on time.

Usage of the Flags

Two of the flags are intended to be kept for personal use. The one in Charlie's possession is expected to make many future appearances in Silly Goose videos. The third flag was supposed to be used for the Halloween prank. However, the flags did not arrive on time, despite the increase in shipping cost. As a result, the prank was derailed and was indefinitely postponed until February of 2021. Currently, two of the flags are hung on walls of the bedrooms of Charlie and Sean, and make daily appearances during Williamston High School video calls for the amusement of Willemstan members. However, we did manage to raise the Willemstan Flag at WHS for a time.

Flag #1

The first flag is located in Sean's house on his bedroom wall. It is suspended by paper-clips and lacks solid support. It has remained in that exact spot since it arrived.

Flag #2

The second flag is located in Charlie's house on his bedroom wall. It is more structurally sound and has made daily appearances through his web-cam. Like Sean's flag, it hasn't really moved, although Charlie hung it on his ceiling fan briefly.

Flag #3

This was the extra flag intended for the prank. On February 10th of 2021, Charlie Nolan raised this Willemstan flag at Williamston High School. He accomplished this in the robotics room, in which he, Sean, and Tala paid $50 total to Cody Reeve in exchange for the right to put the flag on the robotics room wall. While some may call this bribery, we call it a fair trade. For context, a few weeks prior Cody said "yeah, if you pay me $50" when asked about the flag by Charlie. Charlie eventually got $46.63 together, and Sean & Tala covered the rest. Cody found it hilarious and let Charlie put up the flag. With the only staff member with regular access to the D2 robotics room bribed, we thought it could stay forever as a subtle symbol. Charlie also stole the money back a week later.

However, the flag was taken down by Mr. Armour on March 12th during the March Incident, and was set to be confiscated. However, the administration never actually got around to removing the downed flag, and so Charlie extracted it from the robotics room and took it home. It sat in his house for almost a month, until he offered to sell it to Andrew Meyer for $25 on May 6th of 2021. The next day, the trade too place in Mr. Duffey's second hour.

The Willemstan Flag at Williamston High School on February 10th of 2021. Glory to Willemstan!

The same flag on a table in Mr. Duffey's classroom on May 7th of 2021.