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Silly Goose YouTube Channel

This article was last updated on: April 9th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

Charlie Nolan consuming an onion in a school bathroom, circa April of 2019.


The Silly Goose YouTube channel was founded on January 19th 2018 by Charlie Nolan as a way to upload videos/projects for school. However, it became a channel which was partially dedicated to Willemstan. The channel was used for shitposting, Willemstan I-SHAT videos, reuploading memes, and Willemstan Propaganda. It has also been used for the Live Camera Feeds, many random robotics videos, and more. However, the March Incident resulted in an extensive purge of content, and now the channel is a mere shell of what it once was. Today, Charlie remains the main contributor to the channel, but Sean and Ian are also allowed to upload on the channel.

Copyright and Community Guidelines Strikes

The Silly Goose YouTube channel received its first Copyright strike on January 7th of 2020 for livestreaming random files collected by SuS. One of those files happened to be a full episode of Seinfeld, and thus a strike was given and the livestream was taken down. In addition, many videos have been copyright claimed on the channel but those have not resulted in a strike, although the removal of 2 videos that had each amassed thousands of views did get strikes which were negociated down to warnings. These were captures of tapes in the Nuevos Destinos series, and according to viewers, the videos could only be found on the Silly Goose YouTube channel. The channel has recived 44 copyright claims total due to many reasons, from shamelessly stolen content in SuS streams all the way to background music in videos recorded by Charlie himself.

The Silly Goose YouTube channel has received three Community Guidelines Strikes, and thankfully these expire after a few months so the channel has not been terminated. The first strike was due to the first and only sleep stream being reported for "spam, deceptive practices and scams" on January 7th of 2020. This was appealed to YouTube who reversed the punishment within the day, and reuploaded the video. A second strike was given on July 27th of 2020 and prevented the livestreaming and uploading of videos for two weeks. This was another SuS Stream of stolen memes that was reported for pornography and taken down for "sex and nudity". The third strike occured on Janaury 3rd of 2020, in which the "Sean Kavanagh is Dictator" video was taken down for "harrassment and cyberbullying" and disabled video uploads for a week. Charlie sent in an appeal to YouTube, but it was denied, despite not violating any guidelines in our opinion.


Before uploading the infamous Cantina Band video, the Silly Goose channel had a mere 52 subscribers. Since its release, the Cantina Band video has resulted in steady grownth for the channel. Today, this is can be as much as 100 subscribers per week. As a result, the vast majority of the Silly Goose subscribers are from the Cantina Band video. Overall video viewership is low because only Willemstani citizens are reliable viewers. However, some of the Silly Goose videos do get picked up by the recommended algorithm to a much smaller extent. This includes shrek videos and the infamous toilet onion videos. The Live Camera Feed Livestreams are also picked up very frequently, but do not retain consistant viewership.

Discovery by Williamston High School Staff

Main article: March 2021 Incident

Before the infamous events in March of 2021, only two staff members were aware of Silly Goose. These were Cody and Mr. Rasmus. Willemstan members have a great relationship with Cody, head of the Robotics Team. However, Mr. Rasmus was more of a mixed bag. He had previously let Charlie off the hook when he caught Charlie messing with a crypto mine in the robotics room. However, on March 9th of 2021, it is strongly suspected that he reported the channel to the WHS Administration after looking through it. He undoubtedly came across very suspicious videos, including the WHS memes and Live Camera Feed highlights. And considering the very next day, March 10th of 2021, the System trio were prosecuted by Mr. Armour about the YouTube channel, this cannot be a coincidence.

During the incident that followed, over 80 videos were removed from the channel because of an ultimatium issued by the school. These were all of the videos shot in the school, aside from some school projects. Thanks to this incident, Mr. Armour and Mr. Duffey are now very aware of the channel. It is also very likely that Sra. Ide, Ms. Banister, and Mr. Kirby are also aware of the channel to some degree. Ms. Mitchell may also be aware. In short, way too many staff now know about the youtube channel to post anything "interesting" on there again. It is simply too risky, and going forward we must now assume that Mr. Armour and Mr. Duffey are reguarly checking on the channel to insure we aren't up to anything.

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