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Sean Kavanagh

This article was last updated on: April 26th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

Sean Kavanagh during the "Final Project for Spanish III", circa January 2020.

"If I win the election, I will have that person executed. Also, I stand for mass moral degradation, the illegalization of living, mandatory water consumption, and much more. Please vote for me."

- Sean Kavanagh during his announcement for candidacy video for the Winter 2019 Election, 12/11/19.


Sean Kavanagh is the current Dictator of Willemstan and an Original Member of Willemstan. He joined the Silly School for Cosmic Children Google Classrom after an account impersonating him was created. He joined the Willemstan Discord Server on September 20th of 2018, making him one of the first members. He is the first to be elected Dictator twice and is well known for his Willemstan Propaganda. Despite the flaws in his first Dictatorship, Sean is well received by the citizens of Willemstan.


Main article: Leadership of Willemstan's Dictators and Presidents

Sean served as the fourth Dictator of Willemstan. He was in power from the Winter 2019 Election until he was removed from power during the June 2020 Coup. As you may have guessed, his reign was very controversial due to the Willemstan 1.1 Reforms, which were mostly gutted after he was removed from power. However, the early months of his Dictatorship were met with widespread approval, so his overal reputation is very mixed.

Sean is currently serving as the sixth Dictator of Willemstan. He won the Winter 2020 Election.

Political Record

Sean ran during the Winter 2018 Election, in which he was defeated and came in last place, earning only 10% of the vote.

Sean ran again during the Winter 2019 Election, in which he ran on joke policies such as mandatory water consumption. He narrowly won the election by a single vote, and thus became Dictator.

Sean ran once again during the Winter 2020 Election, despite the controversy behind his previous dictatorship. He won the election by nine votes, the greatest lead since the very first Willemstan election.

Voting Record

Sean has not directly participated in voter fraud, but he has encouraged it on several occasions. In the Winter 2018 Election, Sean voted for Eli Payton because "He kicked my ass at smash and I am compelled by honor reasons to vote for him.". Sean did not vote in the tiebreaker poll for that election. Sean did not vote in the Summer 2019 Election. For the Winter 2019 Election, Sean voted for Andrew Batten, but participated in voter fraud for his own benifit. For the Winter 2020 Election, Sean voted for himself and encouraged vote outsourcing, which influenced the election in his favor.

System I

Main article: System I

Sean was a founder of the System folder, a folder of viruses, computer programs, and other questionable media that was deleted by the IT Men. During its destruction, he was not punished, and let off by Mr. Freeman for being a "nice guy".

2019 Salvage Operation

Main article: 2019 D2 Salvage Operation

Sean participated in the 2019 Salvage Operation, in which he and another Willemstani citizen hauled dozens of old Spanish VHS tapes out of a classroom using a trash bag and a sled. The tapes recovered included the infamous Spanish II Project (1998) by Mr. Weber.

System IV

Main article: System IV

Sean is one of the three founders of the System IV folder, although he has not contributed much content to it compared to previous System folders.

Willemstan Wiki

Sean contributed to the Willemstan Wiki early on, and wrote a handful of the original articles. While he has taken more of a backseat since its initial development, Sean remains an advocate for continued progress on the wiki.

June 2020 Coup

Main article: June 2020 Coup Against the Willemstan Government

Sean and his administration were overthrown during the June 2020 Coup because of the controversal reforms he passed in the later part of his Dictatorship. During the coup, server ownership was taken from him and he was demoted to a citizen and placed on "probation".

Willemstan Civil War

Main article: Willemstan Civil War

Sean and the Willemstan Nationalists lost the Willemstan Civil War, in which he and his supporters attempted to retake control of the server. However, their attempts failed and Sean publicly announced a surrender. Once the war was over, Sean and the nationalists were not punished for their actions. Since the Civil War, Sean has acknowledged that the reforms were a mistake, and that "it was cool we have had a coup".

2020 Rescue Operation

Main article: 2020 System IV Rescue Operation

Sean was one of the four citizens of Willemstan who participated in the operation to rescue the System IV computer from Williamston High School. The operation was a complete success.

Empire of Willemstan

Main article: Empire of Willemstan

During Sean's Second Dictatorship, the Empire of Willemstan directive was in place in early 2021. It recived mixed reception by the Willemstani public, and was proposed by then General Ian Hampton.