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Willemstan Salt Mine

This article was last updated on: April 26th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

A propaganda about the Willemstan Salt Mine made by Ian in January of 2021.

"Be civil or be dead. There will be a zero tolerance policy for insurgents."

- The "Sean Kavanagh is Dictator" video, 01/01/21.


The Willemstan Salt Mine was first brought up by the candidate Lucy the Goose in the Winter 2019 Election. It was based off the Salt Mine in the Antarctica Discord Server and was meant to create profit for Willemstan. However, the goose did not win the election, and so the idea faded away until June of 2020, when the Willemstan Coup occured. This coup lead to the Construction Crew, who debated several ideas on how to best reform Willemstan following much controversy. The crew considered a Willemstan Salt Mine, with Ian and Eli Payton supporting it. However, a decisive agreement was not made, and so the Salt Mine was not implemented. After Sean Kavanagh was re-elected in January of 2021, he and his administration decided to implement a Willemstan Salt Mine as a punishment system, which is how it worked in Antarctica.


According to the New Articles of Willemstan, a member of Willemstan can be sent to the Willemstan Salt Mine by Sean and his administration for violating the law or speaking out against the government in any form. By February of 2021, the Salt Mine had become the standarded method of punishment for any major offense.

Upon being exiled to the mines, the person in question is assigned a random quota from 1-100 by SuS. The Salt Miner in question has to send that many salt shakers in a channel called #salt-mining. The catch is that they can only send one shaker per message, with a 30 minute slowmode. This means the maximum sentence in the Willemstan Salt Mine is 50 hours, or just over two full days of continuous mining. If a Salt Miner isn't very active in Willemstan, or values their sleep, this sentence can take a while to pay off. SuS suppresses all messages by Salt Miners outside of the salt mine, so those in the Willemstan Salt Mine have very little rights until their quota is fullfilled. Refusing to mine salt results in further punishment.


People sent to the Salt Mine typically have to serve their full sentence, although there have been instances of blatant favoritism by the administration, in which a miner is set free before they finish their sentence. For example, Jacob was freed on one occasion by asking the Dictator nicely. Natalie was set free after being stuck in the mines for several weeks, because she annoyed Charlie until her freedom was gained instead of mining salt. This circumventing of the system was not well recived by the public, and so the system had lost some popularity for a time.

On February 16th, Devin S. refused to mine any salt and was openly criticizing the server. This result in further punishment, in which he was freed from the mines, but lost citizenship and was exiled to Wee Willemstan. This was the first time the government put their foot down regarding salt mining deviancy, and was also the first time a Citizen was demoted to Little Willemstani. While many citizens have praised the administration for actually enforcing salt mine sentences, the prolonged exile of Devin S. was unpopular to some. He was released on April 21st of 2021, after almost five weeks of exile.

Salt Miners