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Willemstan Propaganda

Out of Date

This article was last updated on: January 22nd of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

Created in January 2020 for the Final Project for Spanish III, this is the first modern piece of Willemstan Propaganda. The text translates to "Willemstan".

"SEAN? More like GONE!"

- A piece of Willemstan Propaganda produced during the Willemstan Civil War by Ian Hampton, circa 06/21/20.


Over Willemstan's history spanning several years, the propaganda industry taken many forms. At first, Willemstan propaganda consisted of mere flags, such as the WE-PP flag and Willemstan Industrial Union logo. However, begining in 2018, election campaign videos and images took off. During 2019, the industry expanded to include propaganda directed against Williamston High School staff. By 2020, the industry had really begun to take off, thanks to the Willemstan Civil War and Willemstan Coup, which provided a source of inspiration. Today, the main contributors of Willemstan propaganda include Charlie Nolan, Eli Payton, and Ian Hampton.

Election Ballot Propaganda

See also: Willemstan Elections

Begining with the Winter 2018 Election, it was required that all candidates submit propaganda to be included with the form. During that election, these were mostly random images that had a caption on top. This practice continued with the Summer 2019 Election, but ended with the Winter 2019 Election. Notable examples included the following quotes:

However, the best ballot propaganda was produced by Sean Kavanagh, who made a cursed image titled "please don't vote for me" during the Winter 2018 Election.

Sean's Winter 2018 Election ballot propaganda.

Election Video Propaganda

See also: Silly Goose YouTube Channel

Since the Winter 2019 Election, it has been a requirement that all candidates submit videos to the Silly Goose YouTube Channel. The idea for this came from Charlie's Summer 2019 Election, thanks to Charlie's update videos and Joey's campaign videos. During his videos, Joey Badra called to "make Willemstan great again" and answered qualification questions. Charlie interviewed Sean Kavanagh (chief of police at the time) and Ian Hampton (citizen at the time), and published additional videos including Eli's resignation from the election and the appointment of David G.

By the time the Winter 2019 Election came around six months later, video propaganda had rendered ballot propaganda obsolete. Charlie called for all candidates to submit videos to qualify for the election. During the Winter 2019 Election, Malcolm, Lucy the Goose, Andrew B, Sean, and Joey all submited propaganda videos. Lucy and Sean's videos were acclaimed by the Willemstan public. Lucy the Goose's campaign video was a shitpost with the catchy slogan of "Vote for Goose and not for Sean", while Sean's video involved him endorsing radical policies such as "mandatory water consumption" and executing Brooklyn.

For the Winter 2020 Election, Charlie, Natalie, Andrew M, Sean, Malcolm, and Sean submitted a video announcing their candidacy. Of these, Charlie's gained the most attention due to him filming it outside of Williamston High School. Futhermore, Charlie made additional propaganda against Malcolm, and Lucy the Goose returned to endorse Andrew Meyer and Charlie. The first Willemstan Debate was also released, showing all candidates describing and debating their policies. Several candidates also released endorsement videos during the election, a new type of video propaganda.

Anti-Delp Propaganda

Main article: Anti-Delp Propaganda

First Wave

Starting in 2019, members of Willemstan began creating "Anti-Delp Propaganda", which were memes targeting Dr. Delp. However, this soon spread to other staff members of Williamston. This whole thing began with Dawson Morgan's infamous "Angle Delp" school project. Some propaganda was even made by students who were not members of Willemstan. After a few months, propaganda production ceased.

Second Wave

During late 2020, production of Anti-Delp Propaganda started up again. However, instead of Delp, the main targets were Mr. Freeman, Dr. Spina, and the IT Men. This new wave was inspired by a resurgence of Willemstani interest in the IT Men and was primarly caused by Charlie Nolan.

Modern Propaganda

Main article: Willemstan Civil War

The modern wave of Willemstan Propaganda began in June of 2020 thanks to the Willemstan Coup and Willemstan Civil War. During the Civil War, a propaganda contest occured and resulted in a lot of great images. Thanks to this event, lots of propaganda has been produced, typically involving images of Eli and Sean as a callback to the Controversial Period. This wave continues to this day, largely carried by Eli and Ian.

Produced by Ian Hampton, this piece of propaganda won the Willemstan Civil War Propaganda Contest.