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Eli Payton

This article was last updated on: April 26th of 2021

Image at the top of the screen.

Eli Payton looking into his webcam, circa September 2nd of 2020.

"What was this server built on? Corruption and bullying. It's perfect."

- Eli Payton discussing the merit of a Willemstan Salt Mine, 07/24/2020.


Eli Payton was the 2nd and 5th Dictator of Willemstan, and an Original Member of Willemstan. He joined the Silly School for Cosmic Children Google Classrom sometime between March 2nd of 2018 and April 16th of 2018. Eli created the Willemstan Discord Server, and has been consistantly active in the server since it was founded, aside from a small break in 2019. Eli is well known for nominating his cat for Dictator and his recent opposition towards Charlie's Discord bots. He is regarded with high opinion by the Willemstani public, as both of his Dictatorships have been largely successful, passed longstanding legislation, and are the most popular.


Main article: Leadership of Willemstan's Dictators and Presidents

Eli served as the second Dictator of Willemstan. He was in power from the Winter 2018 Election until he stepped down from power a few months before the upcoming Summer 2019 Election. Despite this early departure, his first dictatorship was well recived because he passed a lot of popular legislation.

Eli served as the fifth Dictator of Willemstan, and was in power from the June 2020 Coup until the Winter 2020 Election. He and his administration rebuilt and improved Willemstan through a varity of reforms, most notably a completly new government document. His rule was regarded as the best Dictatorship of all time by Willemstan public.

Political Record

Eli was a candidate for the Winter 2018 Election, in which he won by one vote.

After taking a long break from Willemstan politics, Eli took control of the server by force around the time of the failed Summer 2020 Election.

Voting Record

Eli has not participated in voter fraud to our knowledge. In the Winter 2018 Election, Eli voted for Joey Badra. In the tiebreaker poll for that election, he voted for himself. For the Summer 2019 Election, Eli voted for Annie Payton, which was a vote for himself. For the Winter 2019 Election, Eli voted for Joey Badra because "he's my boy". In the Winter 2020 Election, Eli once again voted for Joey Badra.

Move to Discord

Main article: Move to Discord

Eli proposed the vote to Move to Discord less than a month after the Willemstan Discord Server was created. He took a neutral stance in the vote, but was clearly in favor of the move.

Nomination of Annie Payton

During the Summer 2019 Election, Eli Payton dropped out of the race and appointed David G. as his replacement. However, after that he decided to replace his replacement and appointed his cat Annie Payton instead. While the cat only served on term, it had a substantial impact on Willemstan.

Willemstan Wiki

Eli wrote the original Move to Discord article for the Willemstan Wiki. While he has not directly contributed since then, he is more than happy to supply information and do interviews for the wiki.

June 2020 Coup

Main article: June 2020 Coup Against the Willemstan Government

Eli was one of the two coup members who overthrew the existing Willemstan government in June of 2020. This was accomplished when the other coup member used the Dictator's Discord token and to transfer ownership of the server to Eli.

Willemstan Civil War

Main article: Willemstan Civil War

Eli lead Willemstan and the Willemstan Reactonaries to victory during the Willemstan Civil War, crushing the Willemstan Nationalists, loyalists of the administration disposed of during the coup. This cemented his position as the Fifth Dictator of Willemstan. Eli did not punish any of the reactionaries for their actions.

Willemstan Reactionaries Political Party

Main article: Political Parties of Willemstan

Several months after the events of the Civil War, the Winter 2020 Election began. A couple members of his administration formed a new political party known simply as "Willemstan Reactionaries" that was dedicated to upholding the ideals established during Eli's Second Dictatorship. Sadly, this party was defeated during that election.

Eli Payton disturbingly close to his webcam, circa September 2nd of 2020.