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Charlie Nolan

This article was last updated on: April 26th of 2021

Charlie Nolan during his first run for Willemstan Dictator, circa January 28th of 2021.

"This is uncool, my SuS robot slave has been kicked out of Willemstan."

- Charlie Nolan regarding the June 2020 Coup, 06/17/20.


Charlie is the current Economy & Election Manager of Willemstan, a General, and an Original Member of Willemstan. He joined the Silly School for Cosmic Children Google Classrom when it was created, and made a bunch of alt accounts during his time there, one of which being Silly Goose. He was also one of the first members in the Willemstan Discord Server as he joined on September 24th of 2018, despite being reluctant to migrate there at first. Charlie is well known for his Comrades' Choice Franchise, the SuS Discord bot, and his managment of the Willemstan Economy & Elections. Opinions of him are mixed due to his many controversal Willemstan-related ventures, such as the Live Camera Feed and SuS Premium.

Acting Dictatorship

Main article: Leadership of Willemstan's Dictators and Presidents

Charlie became the first Acting Dictator after Josue appointed Charlie to General when he stepped down, making it the first time the Willemstan line of succession was utilized. He was Acting Dictator from the Willemstan - Wolfenstan War to the Winter 2018 Election. During his reign, he mainly directed the war against Wolfenstan and enforced Tax Collection.


Charlie has a long standing record when it comes to holding power in Willemstan. He was a General during Josue's Dictatorship and Eli's First Dictatorship.

He was also an administrator during Annie Payton's rule, as well as Sean Kavanagh's Dictatorship, until the coup. This was the first time Charlie held no administrative power in Willemstan.

Charlie regained adminship as a General during Sean Kavanagh's Second Dicatatorship.

Election Management

Charlie managed all of the Willemstan elections except for the Winter 2020 Election. He created and supervised the ballot for each of those elections, and consistantly advertised the election process in the Discord server and the Silly School. Due to his role as the executive manager of the elections, he was the often the target of election controversy whenever corruption was suspected. While he did not hold executive power over the Winter 2020 Election due to being fired during the coup, he oversaw the ballot and ran a 24/7 livestream of the election.

Political Record

Charlie ran for Dictator in the Winter 2020 Election, and earned 7.1% of the vote. He endorsed Sean during that election, redirecting many of his votes from himself to Sean.

Voting Record

Charlie has partaken in voter fraud and managed vote purchasing for every election until the Winter 2020 Election. In the Winter 2018 Election, Charlie voted for Eli Payton under the name "Alexander Sile", and also voted for Eli in the tiebreaker poll. For the Summer 2019 Election, Charlie voted for Annie Payton. For the Winter 2019 Election, Charlie voted for Andrew Batten. In the Winter 2020 Election, Charlie voted for Natalie Nolan and encouraged vote outsourcing.

Comrades' Choice

Main article: Comrades' Choice Franchise

Charlie is the producer and distributor of Comrades' Choice, which are tapes featuring collections of songs. This franchise was successful at first, racking in plenty of cash for the Willemstan government, but soon, production costs and lack of intrest derailed the franchise. While Comrades' Choice volumes are still produced on the occasion, they are rarely purchased and serve more of a purpose providing demonstrations and entertainment than profit for Willemstan.


Main article: SuS

SuS is a Discord bot developed by Charlie using javascript. The bot preforms a varity of functions, but is mostly known for collecting any and all Discord attachments via SuS Premium and storing them in the Mediapool folder. It is also in charge of administering Salt Mine punishments, and used to preform mass suppression of free speech on the server during 2018 - 2020.

Move to Discord

Main article: Move to Discord

Charlie was against the Move to Discord for largely trivial reasons. Shortly after the official vote though, he changed his stance and was soon in favor of the Discord server.

System I

Main article: System I

Charlie was a founder of the System folder, and created it in the HS Student Shared under his name. The folder was eventually deleted by the IT Men.

Tax Collection

Main article: Tax Collection

Charlie has been the longstanding financial manager of Willemstan. He collects all proceeds from Comrades' Choice, donations, and vote purchasing, where he then stores the money in the Bank of Willemstan, a drawer in his desk. However, no revenue has been collected during all of 2020, so Tax Collection may be a dying practice. It was assumed he was not in control of finances during Eli's Second Dictatorship because he was fired from his admin position, but no official statements were ever made on the subject.

Willemstan - Wolfenstan War

Main article: Willemstan - Wolfenstan War

Charlie lead Willemstan during the Willemstan - Wolfenstan War when he was Acting Dictator. Willemstan is considered the winner, but whether or not the war was a success is still up for debate, as the Willemstani public wasn't very interested in the war. He also used the war to push Tax Collection.

2019 Salvage Operation

Main article: 2019 D2 Salvage Operation

Charlie participated in the 2019 Salvage Operation, in which he and another Willemstani obtained ~50 VHS tapes from a Spanish classroom. These tapes were brought to his house, where most of them still reside.

Willemstan File Service

Main article: Wilemstan File Service

Charlie developed the Willemstan File Service, a program which downloaded and uploaded files from a server using Discord and SuS. The service was discontinued after System IV was established.

System IV

Main article: System IV

Charlie is one of the three founders of System IV. It is the first of the series to be ran off of school property, and is currently located in Charlie's house. It is also the first to be available to anyone on the internet from anywhere, and is the largest System folder thus far. Aside from shitty viruses and memes, System IV also houses the Willemstan Website.

Willemstan Wiki

Charlie has been a major contributor to the Willemstan Wiki since its conception in March of 2020. He wrote a handful of the original articles and was responsible for the transfer of the wiki off of Google Drive to System IV that summer. He programmed the javascript password protection system and other parts of the wiki. Today, he continues to maintain the server and contribute to various articles.

Willemstan Civil War

Main article: Willemstan Civil War

As a member of Sean's administration, Charlie was a supporter of the Willemstan Nationalists. During the war, he also attempted to retake control of the server using an old version of SuS. In the end, his efforts were futile, and the Willemstan Nationalists surrendered. However, it was important to note that Charlie was more impressed with the coup than anything, and did not really want to regain control of the sever through a counter-coup.

Willemstan I-SHAT System

Main article: Willemstan I-SHAT System

Charlie is the developer of Willemstan's Infastructure for Severe Harm Alert Technology, or I-SHAT for short. This initiative is a series of homemade sirens; the recent versions are loud enough to be heard from over 1,000 feet away. Suprisingly, no noise complaints have been made so far and monthly tests still occur.

2020 Rescue Operation

Main article: 2020 System IV Rescue Operation

Charlie, along with three other citizens of Willemstan, participated in "Operation SuS Migration", as he called it. This operation involved recovering the System IV computer from Williamston High School after a long period of no contact. He personally negotiated with the janitors to open the robotics room for the insurgency. The operation was a complete success.