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Alexander Sile

This article was last updated on: April 12th of 2021

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A post by Charlie Nolan to the Silly School on April 20th of 2018, in which he signed off as Alexander Sile.

"Maybe but it’s not too interesting. Just an alias for when I don’t wanna get caught doing things."

- Charlie Nolan on 'Alexander Sile' after Ian Hampton suggested making an Alexander Sile article, 10/29/20.


"Alexander Sile'' is a fake name coined by Charlie Nolan during the early months of Willemstan. The name was first used on a Russian credit card created by Charlie, which was registered under Alexander Sile and expired on March 1st of 2019. It was primarily used to create fake accounts and as an alias for Charlie. The expiration day was declared a Willemstan holiday known as "Expiration Day" in the Willemstan Commandments, but it was never really celebrated. Today, Alexander Sile is still occasionally used as an alias for Charlie during Willemstan operations.


Silly School for Cosmic Children

Charlie Nolan went by "Governor Alexander Sile" during the Silly School era. This was also reflected in the Willemstan Commandments.

Willemstan Commandments

Alexander Sile and the credit card are mentioned several times in the Willemstan Commandments. It was also used interchangably with Charlie's own name.

Willemstan Flags

In October of 2020, Charlie ordered the Willemstan Flags under the name Alexander Sile. The flags arrived in November of 2020, and one was even hanged in the D2 Robotics classroom for a time.


On April 9th of 2021, Charlie created a Facebook account under the Alexander Sile name. He used it to ask a question about Williamston Community Schools in the Williamston Community Facebook group.