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Welcome to the Willemstan Wiki!

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A Very Brief Summary of Willemstan

Willemstan began in January of 2018 on the website Google Classroom as the "Silly School for Cosmic Children", based off of an earlier school project of the same name. After living of off the classroom for many months, it was apparent to the citizens of Willemstan that it was not sustainable. As a result, Willemstan moved to Discord in October of 2018 and established the Willemstan Discord Server, where it still resides to this day. The name "Willemstan" came about much earlier, during a trivia game in Mr. Weber's class at Williamston High School (WHS). Willemstan is considered an "internet cult" by its members, but is not an actual organization, just people mostly from Williamston High School who have gathered together under a fictional government for fun. The "Willemstan Industrial Union" is the only legal corperation in Willemstan, and as a result, makes up almost all of the Willemstan Economy. Historically, the Willemstan Extremist Political Party had been the only legal political party in Willemstan, but this was recently changed.

During 2020, Willemstan underwent extensive and extreme reforms, which the people still feel the effects of today. The Willemstan government had been reformed twice after upholding the same government for over two years. Two entire governing documents were thrown out and most of Willemstan's history on the Discord server was purged, leaving this wiki as the best source for all things Willemstan. One wave of reforms attempted to reform Willemstan into a Democracy, but this failed and caused massive unrest. The second wave of reforms began with a coup against the unpopular government and steered Willemstan back to its original dictatorship government.

Sean Kavanagh is the current Dictator of Willemstan, following the Winter 2020 Election. He rules with absolute power and has a team of Generals to assist his rule. He is now serving his second term in office. Sean won the election with the greatest margin since the very first Willemstan Election. He has ended the exile of SuS and other bots, and implemented a Willemstan Salt Mine for enemies of the state. These two policies have brought oppression back to Willemstan on a scale equal to the earlier days of Willemstan. Furthemore, his administration removed the corruption from the election process. In March of 2021, the Williamston High School administration discovered the Silly Goose YouTube, Willemstan.com, and the Live Camera Feed. The Willemstan Wiki and Silly Goose have suffered through extensive (but hopefully temporary) purges as a result.

Featured Article - Willemstan Minecraft Server

The Willemstan Minecraft Server was founded on May 25th of 2021 by Charlie Nolan. It is hosted on System IV, and as such, the server doesn't always run the best. However, on June 1st of 2021, Charlie allocated more memory and CPU power to the server. The Willemstan Minecraft Server has turned out to be as chaotic as one would expect, with Charlie frequently abusing his admin powers and establishing stuff like fighting pits. By the end of the first week, a war had broken out, and countless TNT craters now litter the area around 1000 1000 as a result...

[Read More]

Featured Media - March Incident.mp4

This is a Willemstan Propaganda of the March Incident by Ian Hampton. It loosly dipicts the actions of the administration and Charlie during the incident. This took a few hours to make, and was released in a compressed form in #propaganda upon completion. It would have been uploaded to Silly Goose, but it was blocked in every country because of copyright. As a result, the wiki is the only place where you can view the video in full resoultion.

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